A hat for Lady Gaia

Lady Gaia’s mum told me that she needed a hat for her little girl, that covers her ears and that stays in place.  How I understand her! So many times my kids refused to keep their hat on, taking any opportunity to remove it… and then you worry that they might catch a cold.

The first thing I envisioned was a cagoule. But do you remember those horrid things some kids had to wear at school: acrylic yarn, tight around the face, itchy and so not flattering.

Thankfully, I found this pattern in one of my Sublime booklets.

Lady Gaia top and hat1

Should go very nicely with this little top.

Lady Gaia top and hat

About the top: no pattern there.  Just garter stitches, and improvisation.  I started with the back, then worked the neck line and both sides at the same time.

All in all, I used 2 balls for the top and hat.  The yarn is Sirdar, bought at Golden Dragon, and this is what left of the two balls. No waste for these projects.


Now what do you think about the fabric in the background?


  1. Merci Mille Mercis.
    The mum of Lady Gaïa thanks you so much. I love them.

  2. love this hat! was looking at it on ravelry but can't find a link to the pattern anywhere! you don't happen to have a photo of it, or a link to it written up?


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