Shaelyn , the shawl that won’t be seen

Shaelyn is finished and gone.  I did not even block it, or photography it.


Shaelyn has been in my Ravelry ‘queue’ for months.  And 3 weeks ago, as I was about to finish my orange top, I instead started MY Shaelyn.

Once on my needles, it went so nicely and smoothly.  The pattern is easy to memorise.  I just had a tiny winy bit of hic-up with the start, and the finish – I was a couple of meters short to finish the last repeat!

This project has made me very HaPPy, even more when I saw my friend’s eyes when I showed it to her.  Actually, my first intention was to ask T. for her advice on blocking it.  But then she offered to do it for me, and from her comments I got the feeling that she loved it as much as I do.  So Shaelyn is going away with her, where the weather is colder than in S’pore.

And as a bonus, I learnt a new trick/technique: Sewn cast off.