A girl and her toys!

I will not spend a day without opening my laptop, I am an iPhone groupie, I love my iPad and all the cool Apps, so I need to share a few of these with you.

At the moment, my life would not be the same without:

  • delicious:  I save, store and go back to all the great blogs I find around, file them by tag, and enjoy some more browsing.
  • Pinterest: it is like a design board, but easier to organise and maintain.  Pin any thing you like (from the web, your pictures…), you’ll see who else has pinned it too, or what else has been pinned from the same source, repinned so stuff you have seen on others’ board.  And I love when people repinned what is on my board.  It is a bit like a dictionary, going from one entry to the next, finding new horizons.  I am getting addicted (I’m done with Facebook, not pretty enough!)
  • MakeTones (from the Apple Apps Store): take any music from my iPod and transform it into a ringtone.  This way I attribute a personalised ringtone for each of my contact.  My NSAH2’s is ‘Candyman’ from Christina Aguilera, which makes me laugh each time he rings, the Home’s is ‘It’s Oh so quiet’ (I wish!) from Bjork (which prove that I am cool and have some edgy taste in music).
  • WhatsApp (Apple again): just starting using this, sure it will be cool to send videos, just need to make sure my friends are all on it.
  • Storage and Glee: I just discovered this blog, I was starting to pin interesting ideas on Pinterest, when I realised I loved everything, EvErYtHiNgS! So it is now on my Delicious.