Holidays 3

Our time in Europe is reaching its end.  Time for a quick recap.

Recently Updated

  • A couple of Liberty’s coupon:  I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet.
  • The sky has been this colour almost since we arrived.  It is cold, but we are not complaining, we know it won’t last.
  • MP’s cardi: backs and front are done, knitted on a circular needle in one go.  A bit boring, but now I just have to do the sleeves.  A shame I did not bring enough yarn.
  • Impro 2: a red cardi for a 11-year old girl.  The idea is to work from top to bottom.  Inspiration comes from the Lady February and a Shirdar pattern.
  • Adelaide: my mum showed me this tuto from Dame Valiste.  I don’t know why, but this little turtle has to be named Adelaide.  And she is so cute.
  • A book: reading slowly.
  • A serie: I might be in love with Jason Isaacs as Jackson Brodie in Case Histories (BBC).
  • Being French and enjoying reading ELLE and ELLE à table.
  • New running shoes: or how to gain back my running mojo.  I have found every possible excuse not to run over the past few months, and now I am finding myself short of  breath even on the shortest distance :-(