Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Commenting on blogs

Or a lesson in Savoir vivre.



As an introduction, I’d like to say: I love when people comment on my posts.  It makes me feel read, gives me the feeling that I am not only writing to myself, it is my minute of fame, it boosts my ego… You can call me childish, self centred, insecure…  Still I love comments.  It also gives me more occasion to discover new blogs, new horizons.  So when I get a comment it is always a very positive experience.  And by the way, thank you Yarny Days and Fides Floris for passing by :-)  Having said this, I try as much as I can to reply to the messages even if it is sometimes very late.

And of course, when I visit other bloggers and something catch my eyes, I leave a comment.  It is not always a very original message, I try to avoid the ‘wow’-type of comment, try to give positive feed-back, and make sure that my messages are always friendly.  I do this because I know that many readers, just read, sometimes copy, but very rarely take the time to write.  I never think ‘why should I comment?’ because I know the work bloggers put to bring us nice craft project, nice pictures, valuable information.

Now to the real purpose of this post.  There are a couple of blogs that I really, really love.  I follow them, visit them every day, looking forward to new posts, getting to know (or at least I think) the writer, feeling that with every new post we are getting closer, we are getting friends.  Have I already used the word childish?  This is what I am: how can I become friend with someone behind a blog, with no chance to meet?

In the past, I have left comments for my preferred bloggers, put link to their blogs on mine, hope to show my appreciation.  A few of days, I comment on a blog I have been following for almost two years.  As I was typing, I had the feeling that I might be a little bit to familiar, that my words might be taken the wrong way; but I thought that my ‘friend’ would not mind and would understand the humour.  What a surprise, the next day my message had been deleted.  I felt so ashamed of having brought my ‘friend’ embarrassment.  What shall I do?  Send her a message and tell her how sorry I feel?  I think I’ll do this.

In the meantime, I have a message to all the bloggers out there:

Please, please reply to our comments, acknowledge that you have read us, acknowledge that you are happy to have comments.  I know that some of you receive hundreds of comments, but honestly isn’t it what you/we were looking for when you start blogging, to have an audience?  I am blogging not only for the sake of having my journal recorded and feel that other bloggers do the same; if I wanted to write my journal and keep it for myself, I would surely make my blog private, but since I am ‘public’, I am clearly seeking readers, and comments.  I might not love all the comments (I doubt it though), but unless they really offensive, I will accept them as they come.

Friday, 19 August 2011

New start…

Reassessing my priorities…

New year’s resolutions…

I am more a September girl when it comes to this.  It must be some kind of reminiscence from my school years when I was waiting for the end of August and the list of stationery supplies needed for the start of the school.  After a couple of months off, it felt good to start again, new promises, new targets as if every thing from before was forgotten.

I guess nowadays I still believe that I can start with a blank slate, reinvent myself, be more efficient, more organised, more patient, more active, more healthy, more everything…  But I also know it is now time to be MORE appreciative of what I am accomplishing and hope this is really a new start.

This having been said, I still need my ToDo list. So here it is, for the remaining of August and September:


  1. Finish Maud’s cardi
  2. Finish MP’s cardi
  3. Finish my orange top


  1. Finish the cups’ panel
  2. Finish the Xmas panel with the little mice


  1. Finish quilting J’s quilt
  2. Finish and quilt Schnibble #2

and DO NOT START ANY NEW PROJECT :)  This is going to be the most difficult part, because look what I brought back from Australia…