New start…

Reassessing my priorities…

New year’s resolutions…

I am more a September girl when it comes to this.  It must be some kind of reminiscence from my school years when I was waiting for the end of August and the list of stationery supplies needed for the start of the school.  After a couple of months off, it felt good to start again, new promises, new targets as if every thing from before was forgotten.

I guess nowadays I still believe that I can start with a blank slate, reinvent myself, be more efficient, more organised, more patient, more active, more healthy, more everything…  But I also know it is now time to be MORE appreciative of what I am accomplishing and hope this is really a new start.

This having been said, I still need my ToDo list. So here it is, for the remaining of August and September:


  1. Finish Maud’s cardi
  2. Finish MP’s cardi
  3. Finish my orange top


  1. Finish the cups’ panel
  2. Finish the Xmas panel with the little mice


  1. Finish quilting J’s quilt
  2. Finish and quilt Schnibble #2

and DO NOT START ANY NEW PROJECT :)  This is going to be the most difficult part, because look what I brought back from Australia…