SAL – Week 2



I really like this week pattern -  Love and Kisses (if you have not yet downloaded the pattern, go there quick; it is available until Friday! And Santa is available too).  And I love it even more because I think that my embroidery is better than the one on Santa. 

DSCN3157                DSCN3156

This is the first time I am embroidering with batting.  Last week I was not quite convinced by the result.  My Santa looks puffy, the fabric very tight around my stitches.  Obviously, I’ve been pulling my threads to much.


This week, I used a loop and did one stitch at a time: through the fabric, pull from the back, through the fabric again and pull from the top.  It is a bit longer, probably twice as long, but the result is much better.  So time does not count, with one block each week, I have plenty of time to finish it.


  1. I can see the difference between using the loop on not. But I think both are a great job : )

    have a nice day!


  2. Très jolies tes broderies, merci de ton gentil commentaire .


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