Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Celebrations! Brother and Sisters

My kids are expert in driving me mad, and to be honest, I am expert at getting mad at them.  They can be grumpy, nagging each other, they call each other names.  But from time to time, actually much more often than that, they show each other affection and my heart melts.
000 Temporaire3
000 Temporaire2
We must be doing something right.  Celebrations!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Celebrations! SAL finished and ready for Xmas

I’ve been told that I should celebrate what I do more.  So time for Celebrations! I’ve finished my Xmas banner, and it is so lovely.  Red work has always been a favourite of mine, and it is the perfect match for Christmas decorations.
Thank you very much Lesley Boost from Sew Happy Me for sharing this with us. I really enjoyed doing it and the ‘manageability’ of this project.
Lets the Celebrations begin!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A very (very!) late birthday

How bad is that?  Alice turned 16 more than 2 weeks ago and I have not post any pictures of the B’day girl?  Even worst, no B’day cake, no party?  Not that I did not offer to organise a ‘big’ party for her, but she did not want it.  And as far as the B’day cake is concerned and to set the record straight, she had some cake on her B’day, and she also had a ‘small’ party, brunch with her family and her best friend… :-)

On the same day, I put her in a plan for London to sit two days of entrance exams for a boarding school.  Seeing her going through security, I realised that she was starting her own life; in a few months, she will probably leave Singapore and go to study in the UK, she will make her own decisions away from us, she will start to plan for her future, her mind buzzing with projects.  I just hope that I, or more objectively, we have done a as-good-as-possible job.  I hope she will have the confidence and the reason to make the decisions that suit her, that she will be a caring person but not to the point that she loose herself, that she will be proud of her accomplishments and still respect other (and that she will remember what we did for her when comes the time of looking for a nursing home for her old parents… :-)  My girl is not a baby anymore.


I’ve just scanned some of her baby pictures, could probably cry doing it.  How can I make her understand how much love I have for her…