Where are you from?

The other day a shop assistant asked me this question: “where are you from?” (Should I add that the person asked with a foreign accent too).  Interesting question.  My usual answer: I’m French on the passport (and the accent), English in the heart, and at the moment I live in Singapore.
When I tell you I’ve been home for the holiday… I’m not giving you much information.
This holiday I’ve been in London.
I am not a great fan of Christmas, but in London it feels different, I can’t explain why.  Anyway, I promised myself, if I ever happen to live in England again, I will celebrate Christmas there, in my own home, planning the menus, getting all stressed out by the event.
We’ve been in Lyon too.
If anybody is serious about food, the place to be is ‘Les Halles de Lyon’, you’ll be spoiled with choice and the quality of the products.  How many different kinds of blue cheese does one need?
And of course some family time (with more food).

Happy Holidays to all!


  1. Happy holidays à toi ma marraine. J'aime beaucoup tes photos. Bisous

  2. Found your blog through ravelry. Welcome to Singapore.. hope you're enjoying the relative cool season. Happy New Year!


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