Adventure in knitting–Part 2

Remember the red cardi, I did a couple of months ago.  Maud for whom I knitted for, seemed to have liked it, she said it was like a cardi from Bonpoint.  I was very happy with this compliment and when I saw her during our holiday in France I asked her whether there’s something I could knit for her.  She only wished for a blue hat with a big pompom.  After a quick search on the Bonpoint’s website, I found a very simple hat for 54 Euros (in sale! Initial price was 77).  Are they mad?!… Who want to spend so much on a hat (and a very simple with that)?

So back in S’pore, I’ve found some thick yarn and produced a blue hat with a big pompom, and a huge bulky cowl to go with it and keep her warm during winter. All of this for less than S$40 (24 Euros)!

Cowl and hat for Maud1

A big thank you to my model, the temperature is 34 degrees C in S’pore, not the best time to wear a hat and a cowl.

Cowl and hat for Maud


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