Welcome 2012

New year’s resolutions, old year’s review… not this time.

Of course, I could make an enumeration of my finished projects, put on a slide show, but there’s the archives for this.  And concerning the new year’s resolutions:  I could make lists of old projects I want to finish, of new ones I want to start.  I could start a self improvement programme, a house improvement one, a husband/kids improvement action plan… decide to look blog-perfect.  But honestly, I have no time for this, I rather be knitting, sewing, cooking and sweating (Yeah any calories’ intake needs to be burnt at the gym).

Only one thing, this year will be a Happy Year.  And it started quite well: today the four of us, my teens/pre-teens and myself were all in a good mood at the same time (if you’re a mum of teens, you know it’s enough to celebrate). Oh I said happy year, not perfect year: Philippe is travelling.

So to all of you, readers, family, anonymous…

I wish you a very Happy New Year!


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