My sewing machine and I

I have not spent a lot of quality time with my sewing machine recently.  And I did not realise I missed her (yes, she can only be a HER), but after the few days I spent in Japan at Tokyo Dome, I could feel I needed some one-2-one time with her.  So I did, yesterday, while the kids were ready before switching the lights off.

I finished my second Schnibble, I just had 2 borders to sew, and now that this top is finished I like it as much as my first Schnibble.

Schnibble 2

Now I only need to go through my fabric and find some backing!  Anyway, this will have to wait, I now have a backache that prevent me from bending.  Grrrrrr…..


  1. Je suis désolée pour ton dos . Mais qu'est ce que ton schnibble est beau !


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