OMG! k2top, ssk or ssp, p3tog

Yes, I’m learning a new language!  The knitting language.

So far I’ve been able to fool everyone with my knitting skills. I started knitting when I was my youngest daughter’s age, on my own and probably with some French knitting books.  So when I converted to ‘knitting in English’ it took me a while to figure out what was a Purl stitch and what was a Knit one (endroit ou envers?).  I managed, checked books, scribbled reminders… Everything went smoothly until I started something more adventurous than simple stockinette (jersey endroit?).  But once one starts knitting lace, one needs to speak a totally new language: ‘slip one, knit one, pass slipped over’, ‘ slip slip knit’, ‘double yarn over’… OMG! I’m knitting Jared’s Juneberry.

Jared is this mad magician master of knitting (OK – I might be pushing it a bit far!).  Everybody’s knitting Jared’s designs and as I love to be ‘in’, I had to knit a Jared.

First things first, I did a swatch (another knitting word for sample), washed it and blocked it (did I ever block in my pre-Ravelry life? No, I did not even know what it meant!).


And off I go, knitting my Juneberry.  Note for the non-knitter: most of the time the right side of the knit is the complicated part where the lace pattern is worked out, where you get to knit stitches together, slip stitches, wrap the yarn around the needle (and have so many opportunities to make errors).  But the wrong side of the knit is the nice easy side where you knit the stitches as they come, take time to count them and feel happy because everything fits.  That does NOT happen here: only one resting row out of 4, the 3 other ones you count, pay attention, don’t speak, don’t watch TV…


I wanted a challenge! I found it and enjoy every single stitches.  So let me carry on, and I’ll come back with the finished product, hopefully very soon.