Bread :)

Almost 3 years that we live in Singapore.  My bread machine gave up some time ago, and since I have been trying desperately to make my bread.

In the past, I’ve used the No Knead Bread method, and I loved the rustic feel of this bread, plus the fact that almost no work was required to obtain a delicious loaf.  Things changed when we arrive in the tropics.  The kids have made fun of my repeated tentative and failures.  My breads did not want to raise.  I’ve tried different local flours, different brands of yeast…

So what has changed?  This time I bought some flour from the Waitrose brand (quite expensive), kept my yeast in the fridge in a small bag in air-tight container. And I increase the amount of water, quite a lot compare to the original recipe.  I’ve reduced the raising time, it is so hot and humid here.



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