Here is the THING…

… before I came to S’pore, I thought I could knit.  I had done a few things for myself, some cables, some laces.  I was able to read instructions and I thought that was it.  Everything that needed to be known about knitting was covered.

How wrong was I!  Since then I learnt the importance of swatching, blocking.  I learnt different methods of casting on and casting off.  I learnt a new language. My last discovery is grafting, thanks to YouTube, you can learn anything.  But most of it, I learnt that you need a very methodical, abstract brain to create some of the projects I’ve knitted.

My latest project is on its own a bit of history, designed by a very clever lady, Elizabeth Zimmerman. in the late 60’s.

So here is the THING:

Surprise baby jacket (1024x683)

Have you recognised it yet?  It is the Surprise Baby Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman.  The construction is so ingenious and simple.  This is one project I could not stop knitting, I had to see the end result.  It was done in 2 days, and I’m already planning on knitting another one.  I tend to do that with a project I really enjoyed; the first one is the ‘learning’ one, the second, third… are for experimenting or just plainly having some fun.

Surprise baby jacket1 (1024x683)

This Surprise Jacket has been knitted in Baby Speckle (12 rows) and Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK (2 rows) both from Sirdar.  Have you noticed how the bottom is darker than the top?  I don’t understand why; both balls were from the same batch.  I guess I have been lucky to change just after the contrasting rows.

Surprise baby jacket3 (1024x709)  Surprise baby jacket2 (1024x709)