What’s cooking ?

This is what I bought yesterday:  Donna Hay - April/May issue and I’m licking my fingers just thinking of what I’m going to cook.


In the mean time, I’ve been trying to regain my kitchen, I’ve been cooking a bit more recently.  Having a helper at home tends to make me rely on her for some of the cooking and the kids have not been entirely happy about this.  Actually, we have this game at the dinning table whereas they guess who’s been preparing dinner (I’m pleased to say that they still recognise my cooking, and that most of the time it wins their hearts).

Back to DH magazine, I had my eyes on a Vietnamese sandwich from this year Summer issue, I knew I had to try it. This sandwich is full of memories for me: when I started my professional life in Paris, my best friend used to take me to Chinatown.  She would show me what to buy and where, and after a couple hours of shopping, giggling, we would stop for one of these sandwiches.  In my souvenir, there were made with pork meat, but DH’s version is with chicken and it actually suits me better. 

There’s plenty of savours: coriander, lemon grass, ginger, garlic (must be from the French heritage); the carrots and the white radish have marinated a bit in vinegar, and the chicken after marinated in the spices mixture for a couple of hours, is just cooked under the grill.  A bit of mayonnaise on a baguette (Jacques Cousteau – special reference for my kids), add the grilled chicken, the vegs, some coriander, chilli and that’s it.

Vietnamese sandwichVietnamese sandwich1