This is how I feel at the moment.  For the last couple of weeks, Alice has been at home revising for her GCSEs exam: 22 papers to go through until the end of June.  She does not really need my help, but she likes (or I like to think that) to have me around her so she can concentrate better.  Every day, we sit at the dining table, she studies, I sew or knit.

I like the feeling of her needing me, and I like the idea of staying at home and concentrating a project for a few hours at a time.  I feel more focused, more ‘in charge’.

So far I managed to finish a few knits (one of them having been in process for more than 3 years), and I sewed 2 tops, one of them has even been quilted and binded.  I hope to finish the other one next week.

scrapbooking paper9

Waves quilt1

It feels very, very good.  However, I don’t think I’ll be as productive this week, the 3 kids are at home with more revision.


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