Happy Diamond Jubilee

I know my passport says I’m French.
I know I leave live (thanks Marie Pierre for the spell check) in S’pore.
But honestly, at the moment I would love to be at home in England.  I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of parties in the street where we lived.  I would have loved putting nice flowers at my windows, Union Jack decorations…
Oh well, today I backed for the Diamond Jubilee Summer Fete for our School: a Victoria Sandwich with berries jam and butter icing (recipe from Mary Berry – Fool proof cakes, probably the baking book I’ve been using the most) and some Jubilee Cupcakes with more berries jam and more butter icing (recipe from Jamie Oliver, in Jamie issue 29).
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  1. oh you leave in S'pore or you live ? That is the question.

    Bisous ma marraine :-)


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