Mother-Daughter club

It’s Monday already, and we are already in June… that’s the trouble when you live in a country where there are no seasons.

I’ve been working on my Vintage Squares quilt.  This quilt measures 130x130 cm (51”) which is an odd size when it comes to get the right amount of batting: either you’ve got to buy a large one and therefore be happy with a lot of waste or use this clever method (thanks to my friend who showed me this).


It also works for backing although you must make sure to use small print otherwise it won’t look look nice.  The full instruction and calculator can be found on

Top, wadding, backing were sandwiched together, square test done, and off I go, quilting happily… until I ran out of thread. Annoying…

Anyway, I made good use of my spare time and went running… with my partner, with Alice; we started running together when we arrived in S’pore, but then she got bored.

IMG_1358I’m not fast.


She did actually run! But she has also received a reading list from her school.

We ( I ) have decided to have our own ‘family/mother-daughter’ book club.  And I am so excited.  I love her reading list, there are modern, contemporary authors, different nationalities (a few French, but I’m not sure whether she/we should read them in French!).

Here is part of the list, in Goodreads.  Have I mentioned I’m excited!

Now back to the revisions’ table, ‘we’ have Latin and Maths today.


  1. What a great idea a book club. Actually for me it is a little bit limited.... to Popi and Tchoupi !.
    Anyway. Since she runs a little bit, tell her to bring her running shoes and we'll go for a run.


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