Where I’m being selfish and mainstream

Yes, this is about me!

I finished quite a number of projects recently, including an orange knit that I started for myself more than 3 years ago.

I’ve so many things I want to start on my ToKnit, ToQuilt, ToSew lists… but I’ve decided on something totally different:  I’m starting a project for MYSELF! Yes, selfish I know and I don’t even feel (too) bad about it.

Vitamin D, it’s been all over Ravelry for the past year (1214 projects), and now I’m jumping in the band wagon.

imagesource – knitting pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier

It is not as bad as the Lady February (12086 projects, 4 of them being from me, like this one or this one)

I’m OK with this too! The kids can call me ‘mainstream’ all they want, I will ignore them and keep knitting away.


Once I’m finished with this I want to:

  • knit socks
  • knit a cable cardi
  • knit another wrap cardi
  • knit a few scarfs/shawls
  • quilt my 3-year old mystery quilt
  • finish my 6-year old very scrappy quilt
  • quilt my 7-year old ribbon embroidered quilt
  • sew a couple of tops to go with my new pair of jeans
  • take Japanese cooking lessons
  • take baking lessons
  • make time for a couple of hours at the spa
  • organise my pictures and make fantastic photo albums
  • organise my craft supplies/sewing area
  • start a mini-garden on my balcony
  • refurbish an old cabinet I rescued
  • sew some new table-clothes
  • read all the books in my reading list
  • make time for more Pilates
  • Get running seriously

…. did I forget something?



  1. Waouh what a big list...
    Maybe you have forgotten to plan a quick trip to London in the middle of the year. :-)


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