Some new starts

For once I know what happened and why I’ve been away from my blog!  I had all the good intentions to post during our holiday in the States, but we had so much fun that I never found the time.  Then we went to my parents’ and there I thought I would be able to blog.  My parents and the kids leave upstairs and I’m downstairs… but again too much fun, nice weather, Olympics to watch on TV…

Anyway, I though it was necessary to mark some important changes at home.  September is normally punctuated with new starts, new organisation, and this year is no different. And since we came back from our long holiday (mid-August!), we’ve been living in the middle of a storm…

My 2 oldest kids are now in Boarding School (that’s part of the storm…). This is where Alice lives.

Alice's boarding1

Alice's boarding

And now handsome Victor (and Yes, these are army boots and camouflage combat jacket!)

Victor's boarding

It is a strange feeling to have only one child at home, but I’ve decided I won’t feel old and sorry for myself.  Alice and Victor seem to enjoy themselves and from what we discuss together, I think that they are on a good path.  I’m not an expert on Education, but from my almost 17-year of experience, I’m tempted to say: have trust in your abilities and your guts feeling, speak and listen openly, worry about the small things if you must but don’t forget the big picture.

My job as a mum is not done yet with them, but I’m pretty proud of the young adults they are becoming (and I now need a paper tissue, because I’m about to cry).


  1. So good that you put pictures of Alice's house. so much thanks. and your boy is so handsome and nearly an adult, i reckon. I miss you, we need to catch up.
    I'm about to cry too. Especially since one of Ben's co-worker told us they had already enrolled their 2 kids in a grammar school (imagine the fees!) and they are repectivelly 4 1/2 years old and 16 months old.


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