Locked in a box apartment, sewing-depraved

… I could feel sorry for myself and watch ‘housewife’ TV programmes all day (which I do occasionally – you’ve got to love ‘Houses under the hammer’).
But the good thing about living in a box apartment is that the housekeeping is minimal and it leaves me plenty of time to explore the countryside.  And the autumn colours are just beautiful.
Autumn in watford1Walk by the canal
Autumn in watford
Life is not bad.  I enjoyed a bit a knitting.  I can’t show too much for the moment, I’ve started working on Xmas presents.
Speaking of Xmas, I bought this book and I just want to be able to start on it now, I know I won’t be able to finish it for Xmas but it might keep me satisfied until I can unpack my sewing room.
scrapbooking paper11