Not ordinary week-end










   That was last week-end.

Our first days back in the UK with Juliette, we arrived at 5am in London, drove to pick up Alice and back and then dropped in bed.

The next day, we went to pick up Victor.  Have a look at his school! Isn't it beautiful!

Ordinary Week-end - 29 Sept1

And even better, look how happy my kids are to see each other again.  OK the honey-moon period did not last all week-end and they were fast back to nagging each other, calling names, but for a while they enjoyed each other’s company.

Ordinary Week-end - 29 Sept

And then, it was like any other week-end.  Watching Doctor Who while eating on the bed; waking the oldest sister gently; having dim-sums at our favourite Chinese restaurant (not so good compare to S’pore); wandering in Soho where we found a Whole Food (Yes!).

Ordinary Week-end - 29 Sept3

Doing some homework… sorry ‘prep’ as they say in Boarding School.

Ordinary Week-end - 29 Sept2

And then, the week-end was finished and they were gone….



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