Knits and love

For some time now I wanted to post pictures of my latest knits.  Most of them were gifts for Christmas and other occasions.

First, Effortless.  I knitted this one first for Alice. I really liked the top-down work.  I knitted another one for my Mum, just before we left S’pore.  The yarn is Perfect Day 8 ply by Cleckheaton.  I made the fronts not as wide as the original ones.  The yarn is beautiful, soft and warm.

Effortless Xmas present

Livingston.  I first saw this adorable jumper at Sandrine and Company.  I could say it was love at first sight, and the perfect Christmas gift for MP’s BB, Ewenn.  It’s been knit in Rowan Wool Cotton, in Duck blue.  Another very enjoyable knit, and seeing Ewenn wearing it was even better.  Actually seeing Ewenn, Gaia, Marie Pierre and Benoit was the nicest presents of all.



MP asked me, some time ago, if I would knit her a cable jumper. I know this is not exactly what she asked for, but once again, I could not resist this pattern and it gives me an excuse to knit her another one.  It is in Aviso Phildar.  The pattern looks more complicated than it is, and once my fingers learnt it, it went very fast.  However, I did not put it on the back, but knitted double ribs instead.

scrapbooking paper13

Semele -  This one was not supposed to be a gift, it was supposed to be mine. But…  First, it’s the yarn that caught my eyes.  I got myself 3 balls of Katia Oxford with no idea of what I was going to knit.  Then I started with a different pattern, but it looked a bit simple.  Semele with its leaves was more in harmony with yarn colour.  In the end I used almost 5 skeins, which make this shawl/scarf large and comfortable.After blocking the draping effect is even better and the texture even softer.  Alice gifted it to a friend’s Mum.  I hope she’ll enjoy it.


I also knitted some socks for MP’s hubby but did not take any pictures.  They were very simple, and I hope they’ll be made of good use.

Next, I’ll show more recent small-ish projects.


  1. and I love mine. I had to take a picture when I wear it. And I love ewenn's one the colour is just great. And Ben wore his socks but not again since we are down under... I wonder why :-). Seeing you at Christmas was also for me a great present.


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