This must be LOVE

No nothing to do with today’s date! Just yarn love, pattern love and shop love.

Tuesday, Juliette and I went to London.  She wanted to go to Borough Market.  I wanted to go to Islington.  We did both, it was freezing cold.  After lunch, Juliette’s mood dropped to freezing cold too.  But I really, really wanted to go to Loop.  Se we did! And now I’m in love.

In love with the shop. Yarns and books on 2 floors, cosy arm chairs for accompanying husbands, very relaxed atmosphere.

02 February3

In love with this yarn: 50% baby alpaca – 50% raw silk, oh-so slightly shimmering, and soft, so soft I can’t even describe how soft. It’s Metalico from Blue Sky.


In love with this pattern: Marin by Ysolda Teague. Now I need to practice some calm-yourself-down-breeze-in-breeze-out-movements, finish all my other projects and then I’ll be able to start knitting.