Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Orange marmalade


I used this recipe: Ultimate Seville orange marmalade from the BBC Good Food website.  I made few modifications to the recipe.

First of all, I did it in one batch, my pan was big enough.  Secondly, I added a drop of Drambuie, I would normally use Whisky, but I had none.


I got 7 ‘Bonne Maman’ jars out of my 2 kg of Seville oranges.  I’m so pleased by the result, that I decided to use some berries that were in my fridge to make more jam (raspberry, strawberries and blueberries).

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Fantastic Friends

This is where I want to write a long, thoughtful post about friendship, quilters/crafters and memories… but I’m not a writer and nothing I will put on paper (sorry screen) will be close enough to what I felt when I received these.  They were sent by my quilter friends from Singapore.


Each block represents a special element of Singapore.

S'pore MemoryS'pore Memory1S'pore Memory2S'pore Memory3S'pore Memory4S'pore Memory5


Thank you Martina, Sunita, Renate, Beatrice, Cathy, Nelly, Rosy.

And now the question, how to I put my beautiful blocks together? Big pressure!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

When in doubt, bake!

It’s Saturday, and nobody feels like doing anything… So rather than spending my time doing some housekeeping (which I should really do), I decided that baking was probably a better use of my time!

I’m experimenting with this recipe from View from the great island.

scrapbooking paper15

Bare cookies


scrapbooking paper16

With peanuts layer

Peanut chocolat cookies

and chocolate layer (not as pretty as the original recipe, but I’m confident that they’ll taste good anyway).


Peanut chocolat cookies1

And now some people communicating…

Enjoy your week-end!