Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ordinary week-end

It’s a full house again.
Ordinary weekend - 25 May
Concert at Hendon St Mary’s, Juliette in the choir
Picking up Victor from school and taking a movie-like shot of the school grounds
Cooking for my family
Walking in the country in a nice spring afternoon
Watching Case Histories on the BBC (remember Jackson Brodie)
All working/revising at the dining table
Not so ordinary week-end

Monday, 27 May 2013

Last Monday night…

… I bought my parking and train tickets, jumped in the train to London, walk from Euston to my destination where I had a meeting with a white hair but oh so colour full old man.
I am in love Kaffe Fasset’s work, his sense of colours, big bold designs, I love the way he assembles hues that you may have learnt not to put together.
I really enjoyed the talk, lots of picture of his knitting, needlepoint and patchwork works, a touch of humour… such a nice evening.  I had to buy his latest book ”Dream in colour”. and have it signed :–)
Then, I walked back to the station, enjoy the sunset on the city.
Such a lovely evening (am I repeating myself?).
My version of 50 Shades of Grey

Monday, 20 May 2013

Ordinary week-end

The week-end is gone too fast and in order not to let the sadness settles, I’ve decided to renew with something I used to do in the past, when I was a student: list 3 things that I learned, enjoyed or made me happy.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • cooking for a full house, the kids were all at home with a friend to; and having Philippe to empty the dishwasher at least 5 times over 2 days.
  • the smell of fresh cut grass even if it makes me sneeze
  • my drive with Victor to his boarding school and the conversation we shared; and the return on my own, enjoying the British countryside.


What’s about the 3 things that made you week-end not so ordinary?

Friday, 17 May 2013


I did not know that I was a Country music kind of girl.
For now a couple of months, I’ve been following Nashville and I love, LOVE it.  I love the music so much that I bought the album of the original soundtrack.
I feel like a teenager watching it… wondering whether Juliette and her mother could reconcile, can Ryan and Deacon be together, and Scarlett isn’t she a bit naive… I really enjoy watching the characters evolve…
and the songs… where to start: Buried Under, Wrong Song and my preferred one No One Will Ever Love You unless it’s If I Didn’t Know Better.
I can’t wait for next Thursday and the next episode, but it’s also going to be the season finally.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Raggedy flannel quilt - 6 years in the making

Yes, it took me 6 years to finish this quilt… very very long for a little raggedy quilt that I am not even in love with.
If I remember well, I’ve started it at one of our sewing evenings at Connecting Threads.  We had a mini workshop.  I must have done a couple of squares during the evening and then… it got lost amongst other projects.
I have not made any ‘official’ New Year’s resolutions, but I am really trying to finish some of my UFOs.  So I picked this one up a couple of months ago.  I hand sewed each square (ridiculous!) then assembled them by machine.  I did not enjoy this project, very repetitive, no much surprise, the colours don’t really appeal to me anymore… and now I have tiny little threads everywhere on the carpet.
Raggedy baby quilt
Still, it will make a nice cuddly quilt for a little girl. I’m going to donate to my quilt group and hope it will sell at our next charity sale.  Now what shall I do with the remaining of the fabric? A raggedy cushion?
Raggedy baby quilt1

Thursday, 9 May 2013


I’ve got plenty of things to report, but I am experiencing a blogkage (I know it is not a word!), a blog blockage.  How could anyone be interested by anything I write? Am I reporting about the same things all over again?
And other times, when I go back through my previous posts, then I realise I enjoy those snap shots of my life; they carry some personal memories that I am not sharing but are there in the background.  So I’m  going to carry on putting my imperfect pictures, my prose with my spelling and grammatical mistakes, my crafty attempts and bit of pieces of my life I might forget otherwise.
Hatfield house
Last week-end was a long week-end.  Not for all of us, Victor and Alice had school. Those of us we were not ‘at work’ went to Hatfield House.
Initially, I wanted to go there for the Craft Fair, but I got the date wrong, it is happening this week-end.  Matter not (as we say in proper Singaporean), we enjoyed a nice walk in the park and the house.
Hatfield house1
The weather was nice and warm.  It was a pleasant day.  Putting pictures of the day here will help me to remember it once we are in the middle of the move, trying to figure out who is doing what, who is where, trying to embrace the changes once again, making a new life and thinking about the positives.