I’ve got plenty of things to report, but I am experiencing a blogkage (I know it is not a word!), a blog blockage.  How could anyone be interested by anything I write? Am I reporting about the same things all over again?
And other times, when I go back through my previous posts, then I realise I enjoy those snap shots of my life; they carry some personal memories that I am not sharing but are there in the background.  So I’m  going to carry on putting my imperfect pictures, my prose with my spelling and grammatical mistakes, my crafty attempts and bit of pieces of my life I might forget otherwise.
Hatfield house
Last week-end was a long week-end.  Not for all of us, Victor and Alice had school. Those of us we were not ‘at work’ went to Hatfield House.
Initially, I wanted to go there for the Craft Fair, but I got the date wrong, it is happening this week-end.  Matter not (as we say in proper Singaporean), we enjoyed a nice walk in the park and the house.
Hatfield house1
The weather was nice and warm.  It was a pleasant day.  Putting pictures of the day here will help me to remember it once we are in the middle of the move, trying to figure out who is doing what, who is where, trying to embrace the changes once again, making a new life and thinking about the positives.