Ordinary week-end

The week-end is gone too fast and in order not to let the sadness settles, I’ve decided to renew with something I used to do in the past, when I was a student: list 3 things that I learned, enjoyed or made me happy.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • cooking for a full house, the kids were all at home with a friend to; and having Philippe to empty the dishwasher at least 5 times over 2 days.
  • the smell of fresh cut grass even if it makes me sneeze
  • my drive with Victor to his boarding school and the conversation we shared; and the return on my own, enjoying the British countryside.


What’s about the 3 things that made you week-end not so ordinary?


  1. My turn : walking and playing at newport's lake with the kids. meeting up with my runner friends for an morning barbie ( even if I was late), spending a good evening with hubby and our friend Vincent with a tartiflette and watching the Giro ( italian cycling event) passing in Haute Maurienne. Vincent even recognised some friends in Lanslebourg.


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