Raggedy flannel quilt - 6 years in the making

Yes, it took me 6 years to finish this quilt… very very long for a little raggedy quilt that I am not even in love with.
If I remember well, I’ve started it at one of our sewing evenings at Connecting Threads.  We had a mini workshop.  I must have done a couple of squares during the evening and then… it got lost amongst other projects.
I have not made any ‘official’ New Year’s resolutions, but I am really trying to finish some of my UFOs.  So I picked this one up a couple of months ago.  I hand sewed each square (ridiculous!) then assembled them by machine.  I did not enjoy this project, very repetitive, no much surprise, the colours don’t really appeal to me anymore… and now I have tiny little threads everywhere on the carpet.
Raggedy baby quilt
Still, it will make a nice cuddly quilt for a little girl. I’m going to donate to my quilt group and hope it will sell at our next charity sale.  Now what shall I do with the remaining of the fabric? A raggedy cushion?
Raggedy baby quilt1