All is green

0000 TempThe nice warm weather did not last more than a week, and it seems so long ago!
I know plenty of us are going to moan at the sunless sky.  I think we should take lesson from the great nature.  Just a few weeks and every single tree, flower, plant have taken full advantage of the sun.  Everything seemed to have had a blast, exploding with greenery (thank your for the hay fever by the way).
Here is my take on green.
  • Stripy T for a very special (not so little) girl
Green stripy crop top
  • Dragon hat for a (no longer baby) Aussie boy
Crotch the dragon hat
  • PJs bottom for the above mentioned Aussie boy’s mum – Sorry Marie-Pierre, I hoped to have it done before you came, but not a chance…


  1. Rhoo lala.... Trop beau tout ça.
    Pas grave que tu ne l'ai pas fini avant.... il est magnifique


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