Reading list

When do you read?

In my case, always, always a few lines, paragraphs, chapters… before falling asleep. Even if I go to bed really late, it helps me to wind down.

I also read during the day, like this morning with a cup of coffee before starting my house chores.  From time to time, I indulge in stolen moments, lying on my bed during the day with a bit of sunshine.  Reading in the tube, in a plan, in the car (not while driving!)…

Here is what I’m reading at the moment:

Kate Atkinson, Behind the Scenes at the Museum, on Alice’s recommendation.  Although she didn’t had to work hard to convince me.  It’s from the same author as Case Histories (Jackson Brodie!).  What I like about this book is the tone, sometimes a young girl speaking, sometimes an adult voice.  It’s a family story from the great-grand mother to Ruby, the young speaker.


Some time ago, I found out that I’m allergic to eggs.  I hope to find some help here.


Not much reading so far, but more going through the pictures.


Did I really need another cooking book? 
Not really, but
a) it’s from donna hay,
b) ‘Simply essentials chocolate’ – I needed it,
c) 95p -  a bargain from the charity shop.


Another cooking book, gift from my friend.
I have not experimented with any of the recipes yet and I will probably have to wait until we are settled at our new destination.  In the mean time, I’m enjoying the DVD that comes with the book.


  1. You didn't need much convincing to read Behind the Scenes at the Museum?? I pestered you for a year haha! :D

  2. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog.. I popped over to see yours and saw that you are allergic to eggs... OMG so I'm I and my husband.. And bother-in-law! I've got some great tips on how to bake without eggs and some great recipe links for chocolate cake and cupcakes... So email me and I'll fill you in :-)


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