Saturday, 20 July 2013

Filling up the ‘in-between’

A FB friend of mine share this article on Expat Wife life:’Not just gin and tonic…’ by Erica Knecht.  It is so close to what I have been experiencing over the last 20 years.  Something she does not mentioned is the ‘in-between’, the weeks of ‘homeless-ness’ while your container crosses oceans with the ‘stuff’ which will make the next place a home for the family.

After 11 moves, amongst them 8 across a border or another, I think I’m quite prepared for the up and down of shaping a new life (although this one might be tougher, Alice and Victor are staying in the UK).  Still I always feel unsettled by the period when everything is on hold.  The house in the UK has been emptied, we are carrying 8-week worth of clothing in our suitcases (there’s going to be a lot of wearing the same thing again and again).  I am almost done tying up loose ends here and yet I can’t start a new knit in the US…

Well, well, well, the best way to fill up this ‘in-between’ is to keep busy.  And we’ve done just that last week while at my parents’.

Ski nautique

Victor – first to go


Alice – confidently crossing waves

Ski nautique1

Juliette – starting from the water for the first time

We were lucky to fill one afternoon with water skiing with friends of my parents.  We all had a good refreshing time… I wish I had the pictures of the kids’ first experience on ski.

Ski nautique2

Friday, 19 July 2013

My Summer playlist

I’ve been watching Scandal Season 1.  I really enjoyed it and, like almost everyone out there, I’ve been scrutinising Olivia Pope’s wardrobe. I don’t like everything, I found her a bit too classic, she wears her trousers a bit too loose.  Still, I’ve noticed a few things I’d love to sew or knit for myself, in particular this jumper. I really like the collar, the split on the sides.  I’m sure it will be pretty easy to replicate.


I have seen a couple of episodes from Season 2, and I can’t wait to go to the States to catch up with the rest.

Now something quite unusual for me, I’m hooked on a French programme. Yes, you’ve heard properly.  The returned or Les Revenants in French, has been broadcasted on Channel 4 in England.  It is about a group of people who are coming back from the dead, nothing too frightening (so far).  The returned are not aggressive (apart from one character, but he was like that when alive).  I’m more intrigued than scared, nothing like The Walking Dead (I could not watch more than a couple of minutes).


And off course, Luther…  What can I say?  This is a rough programme, quite dark and violent.  But I really like the fact that Luther is not 100% good or bad, I love the complexity of the character… and even with grunge-ish clothes, he looks so…  What do you think: Idris Elba as the next James Bond?


I’m reading too: N-W, Zadie Smith.  I ‘met’ Zadie Smith some years ago with White Teeth.  I don’t know how she does it, but reading her words it is quite like watching people in the street, she seems to notice all the small details, it feels like she speaks about her neighbourhood, people she knows well.  I don’t know how to describe this, it just feels so real.


And off course, my IPod is playing The Music of Nashville again and again (I think the kids are ready to buy me some Country boots).

Ho Hey…
I belong to you
You belong to me
You’re my sweet heart

Enjoying summer : –)

Friday, 12 July 2013

L’été en pente douce

… taking it slow.

We’ve been in France for almost a week now, slowing winding down after the end-of-school-year’s chaos and the move.

Resuming with old habits:

  • Reading our favourite French magazines.
  • Revisions are still happening; we are in the middle of University applications,  personal statement, Extended Essay…
  • Some nail painting activities combined with slow tanning, enjoying the warmth of the sun…
  • Working on a ‘special’ project for my kids… I might reveal more if everything progresses well.


MUST take more pictures.