Looking for some rhythm

We’ve been here for 3 weeks now.  Juliette has been back to school for one and a half week.  It is tough on her: new girl, no friends, different and she is so shy… To make things a bit more challenging, school starts at 7:40 so we have to leave home at 7:10… we aren’t morning people.

Anyway, here my week on Instagram

Apple back up1

Our home – my pantry :-); our only piece of furniture so far; pool and chaise longue in the garden; recycling made easy


Apple back up2

A few snap shops from our school runs – a mobile dog spa!; rainy day; the Mormon church; NOT our car


Apple back up

Food and drinks – summer salad with blueberries, strawberries, prawns and mango dressing; French wine; the unavoidable cold coffee; my first drive-in


My shopping list dictated to Siri on my new iPhone – do you think Siri has a problem with my French accent? BTW, I tried the French version of Siri and the results are not better

And one more thing we did with Victor: we took our membership at YMCA, and we can’t stop singing this (enjoy the song worm!)