Wednesday, 14 August 2013

One week on

So we arrived in Orlando on Sunday night.  In a week, this is what I achieved:

  • first encounter with the medical system – visit at the hospital on arrival with throat infection.  Now I do have my medicines in orange bottles like the one in the movies.
  • changed hubby’s account into a joint account – ready to spend money
  • a visit to Jo-Ann – did not last more than 15 min, the kids were hungry, but it’s a beginning
  • a visit to Barnes & Noble – got the loyalty card
  • first school evening meeting other parents – we are quite exotic with all the stamps on our passport
  • managed to buy some stamps (@ Publix) and find a Post Office
  • got lost a couple of times, exploded my US and UK mobile plans trying to find my way – in the end, Hubby got me a GPS
  • had TV and internet connected
  • got mobile phones for Juliette and I and opened AT&T account
  • shopped at Walmart, Whole Foods, Publix, Fresh Market

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  1. yeah all the wonderful things ina new life. Lost everywhere look for everything until you understand how things are organised...
    Enjoy :-)