Summer reading

… the good and the bad, luckily I haven’t read anything ugly.

I normally associate summer reading with easy entertaining books.  I don’t want anything to heavy, to sad, to ‘prise de tête’ (a French expression to say not too intellectual).

But I’m a bit disappointed with some of my choice this year.


NW – Zadie Smith
This one I loved.  I did not take it seriously at first, but I think I’ll read it again, just to make sure I got all the little details.  Zadie Smith is so good at capturing NW London.


Defending Jacob – William Landay
I’ve seen a recommendation for this book in a blog.  I love the blog, so I was quite confident that the recommendation was a good one.  Unfortunately, this one falls on the BAD category.  The starting point is quite interesting: is there such a thing as a killer gene and if yes, can you ‘fight’ it.  However, the writing style let this book down as well as the fact that the subject is not treated in depth.  My opinion might be a bit harsh, but I do have problem with teen books that treat our kids like simple minds who can’t understand sophisticated language.  Mind you, I recently read a book review from a girl who thinks that words like "exacerbated" and "exorbitant" are clunky  (BTW, I had to check clunky in the dictionary…)


Purple Hibiscus – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
This is another teen book, but what a difference, well written, funny, and confronts you to a totally different world, a different literature.  For more, go to Good Reads.


The Racketeer – John Grisham
I have a soft spot for John Grisham; some 20 years ago, when I started leaning English (school years don’t count), the first book I read was The Firm.  I loved it: the chapters were short enough, the vocabulary was simple enough and the story was entertaining enough.  I would not qualify Grisham as one of my favourite author, but he is always at the top of my list when I want some distraction.  Well, well, well, I should have avoid this one, it has been a waste of time.  This review sums it all:  I’m not even sure I understood the plot.

On a side note, no crafting for me, our container is still on its way (almost 10 weeks!), I can’t wait…