Dans ma cuisine

In my kitchen!

A couple of days ago, as I was chatting with my Mum on Skype, she asked me what we were eating since we arrived in the States. I heard a hint of worry in her voice; I could almost see what was in her mind: States = Fast food + processed food + soda + lots of temptations.  Although I understand her question, I might mentioned that I’m still the one cooking ;-)

So here a few things that have been cooking recently in my kitchen:

From this book, The Meat Free Monday (and if you are interested and don’t want to buy the book just yet, there’s a website: MeatFreeMonday)


Pepper Pockets (for Juliette and her dad’s lunch boxes) and Lentil Stew with Pan-fried Halloumi

From my own inspiration:


Autumn (Fall) Soup with chunky veg's and sausages – Summer Salad (previously seen here)

The next one might have my Mum worried:


Pumpkin Muffins with Maple Syrup Glazing (excuse #1: there’s pumpkin puree everywhere, I had to try), Grand-Mother style banana and raspberry cake (excuse #2: I had over ripped bananas) and Chocolate Brownies stuffed Reeves (excuse #3: it was for Juliette’s Maths homework, and to be fair we shared it with her class and my Pilates instructor).

Tonight it is only leftover of mashed potatoes and stuffed tomatoes.