Super chewy chocolate chips cookies

Second day in my kitchen…

I was feeling a bit low today.  In such a case, my go-to remedy, with immediate effect, is baking… and Juliette had asked for chocolate chips cookies this morning on the way to school.

I found the recipe to one of my preferred cooking blog: The View from the Great Island.  The recipe calls for almond butter which I did not have, so I substitute it with chocolate hazelnut butter, hence the chocolaty colour.  I buy peanut/almonds butter from Whole Foods or the Fresh Market, but I’m sure you can found some in any health/organic shops around the world.

Flourless hazelnuts butter cookies

They are super simple to bake (5 ingredients only), and they are super chewy; just let them cool down enough and transfer them very delicately as they have the tendency to crumble.

The recipe is here, but you can also find some variation here and there.

What else to do I need to fight the crankiness? Hugs from my kids! 17 more days before Alice and Victor arrive.