Pinterest finds

… where I found that not everything on Pinterest is worth trying.

Juliette was on ‘snacks duty’ a few weeks ago.  The school’s guideline are simple: healthy snacks, no doughnuts.

Last time, she was on snacks duty, we bake some oat meal and chocolate chips cookies – after discussion with her class mates, they were approved as healthy.

So we made these: Inside out caramel apple.

Well, it looks good on the screen, but the result was somehow disappointing.  I don’t know whether that was the caramel that went wrong, the sprinkles Juliette wanted to add or just me no following the recipe properly… but the result was not good… almost bad :-(

Snack Day

According to Juliette, most of the apples went to the bin.

So this week, I played safe and baked one of our trusted cupcake recipe: Banana and chocolate chips cupcakes.  Juliette argued that they might no be healthy, so I made the calculation and one bit size cupcake is worth 70 calories, far less than the plain bagels (390 calories) that the class had earlier this week.



  1. yeah . I agree your cupcake looks better than your caramel out :-)


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