A No-Resolution resolution

The holiday period is gone, done, over… and I am quite glad.  I’m not a big fan of all the fuss and agitation.

Still, this year was nice.  After an eventful start (flight cancelled, then delayed, then rerouted), we managed a lot: visit to our family and friends, ski trip, lazy days, revision days…

Xmas 2014

So now the question is New Year resolutions or not? My first approach would be to write the following resolutions:

  • #9mni$$ @  healthy
  • Grhrr**& sport
  • ‘'@#$%…^& and more

All of which I will forget as soon as they are published on the blog…

So let’s keep it simple, here on my white board a list of things I would like to finish or start.  I hope to add more as I go along and I will be very happy if I tick a few but there will be pressure, no deadline.



  1. I never make resolutions... I like you forget them as soon as I make them :-) Love the little owl block... So sweet!


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