A table

A busy kitchen rhymes with a busy home.  It was half term in England last week and Victor came to see us (Alice decided to stay in London to revise with a friend – Thanks Claudia for your hospitality).

Half term1     Half term

Half term2     Half term3

Half term4     Half term5

Brownies with tiny marshmallows – I’ve baked these so many times, always a success

More marmalade with my friend’s juicy lemons and blood oranges - still using the same recipe

Quiche with spinach and chicken leftovers – nothing special, but a good way to finish off leftovers and feed veggies to the kids

Miso marinated skirt beef with sautéed potatoes and courgettes – I can’t remember where I got the idea from: I simply mixed a table spoon of Miso past with some Mirin, let marinated for a bit, then in the pan keeping as much of the marinade on the meat

Pancakes – of course with Nutella, with marmalade, with butter/sugar/lemon

Japanese pickles – the recipe came from Harumi’s Japanese Home cookbook

Ginger pork chops Japanese style – from the same book as the pickles, I really like what this lady make in the kitchen