Embarking on a 8-week TV bliss

OMG, OMG, I think I am hyperventilating... OK, I might be exaggerating just a bit... But you have to understand Series 2 of the Great British Sewing Bee has started last Tuesday. I followed Series 1 last year, 4 episodes, it was a bit to short.  This year BBC is broadcasting 8 episodes.

I'm not going to discuss in details the programme, so many journalists have written about it and much better that I could (the guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent…).  Although some of them might be a bit condescending... I have only one thing to say, I LOVE it; probably even more than the Great British Bake off.  What I particularly LOVE about the Great British series programmes, both Bake off and Sewing Bee, is that although it is a competition there’s no bullying of the contestants, no shouting, to unnecessary drama…  I would LOVE to be allowed to sit in a corner of the Studio, taking it all in, stroking the fabrics, fiddling with the ribbons, playing with the buttons, listening to the tips and advice of the judge, feeling the tension, witnessing the friendship growing between the contestants... I can almost make myself believe that I could be one of the contestants one day.


Now I have a few suggestions of programmes for the BBC: the Great British Knitting Circle, the Great British Quilting Guild, the Great British Throw Studio, the Great British Beading Party… the Great British Anything Crafty.

Other series from the BBC I’m hooked on.

Silent Witness

Season 17 already.  This is my number 1 favourite.  I really like the format of this series: one hour, 2 nights, one story.  The characters are complex, the intrigue is not a quick and easy one, and it is such a interesting incite of the British society.


Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander is my favourite character – I just would like to be tall, slim, blonde or at least have the address of her stylist and personal shopper.


BTW, 2 episodes were filmed our street last year -  it felt strange watching these episodes and stepping into our neighbours’ houses.

Line of Duty

I discovered the first series last year, it is about an anti-corruption unit within the police.  Strangely enough, none of the character are really sympathetic, even the good cops are not 100% good guys. No pretty faces, no white smiles either.  It feels so real that it almost scarring.



Another great show, I’ve watch season 1 and 2, learnt quite a bit about the British judicial system. Cherry on top of the cake: Rupert Penry-Jones as Clive Reader, isn’t he handsome, bad boy and so sexy…


I love the BBC, love their programmes, love that I have a UK VPN address so I can keep watching everything on iPlayer.