Week end away

I know, I know this is supposed to be a blog about crafting…but once again, here I am with my week-end adventure.  This time in New York with Juliette.  I loved it!  I loved to go there just with Juliette (same selfish pleasure as my previous post).  I loved that it was so cold.  I loved the kick of energy I get in New York.  I loved to walk the streets, to look at people, to inhale to smell of the city…

In short this is what we did:

  • a bit of shopping – what else when in New York
  • a visit to the Cloisters
  • a walk in white Central Park
  • a lunch in Chinatown – Xiao long bao almost as good as in S’pore
  • a few more random walks
  • a night at the musical – Cinderella with Carly Rae Jespen (which was a big deal for Juliette)

02 - New York2

02 - New York3

02 - New York

02 - New York1

02 - New York4

Again, it’s been a privilege to be just with Juliette, away from home, deciding together what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go… She is my baby, but she is growing up so fast at the moment.  She can be a grumpy young lady (on an empty stomach and before noon), but she has an incredible sense of humour.

Now, I promise I’ll be back with some crafting topics very soon.