Week-end home

I have some serious catch up do on this blog so off we go to my last couple of week-ends.

I should be living the American dream now that we are settled in Orlando, and I am putting my efforts into making it work.  Still, when I arrive in England, I feel so much at home.  It is a very strange feeling, it is not just when I arrive in our small town, it is a general thing, I just LOVE the country side over there.

So two weeks ago, I made a quick trip home, visiting the kids in their boarding schools.

First stop, Alice in Cheltenham.


We had lunch and dinner together (thanks to her Head of House who let Alice go even if she was grounded – yes, my kids get grounded!).  We got some new school shoes and a bit of comfort shopping.  I spent the night in a very charming B&B (if you ever go to Cheltenham, stay there: it is so pretty and welcoming),and had breakfast with Alice.

Then Sunday morning, I was on the road again to Hertford to visit Victor.  My own little road trip, with my music at full blast.  Nice, nice, nice…

Sunday afternoon was spent with Victor, eating at a pub, driving the tiny roads around Hertford, drinking coffee… then Parents/Teachers conference in the evening.


Monday, I had lunch with my dear friend and her husband – fish and chips what else?.  Then I drove back to take Victor to the dentist.  He normally goes to his monthly appointments on his own, but I was glad to go with him.  We stopped for more coffee and a bit of shopping.

Monday night with Kevin McCloud from Grand Design, dinner from Waitrose… and my super kitsch new phone case.  Then back home.


That was an intense week-end, but I’m so glad I did it.  I felt very selfish to have each kid just for myself, giving them full attention, trying to take in everything they had to say.  I’m so impressed by their maturity, I know it must be very difficult to be away, on their own.  I often wonder whether we made the right decision, but when I visit them, our adult-to-adult discussions make me happy. I am thankful to have this unique opportunity to see them for who they are becoming, without the ‘attitude’, without the ‘policing’, without the ‘worrying about the daily routine’… Does it make sense?  This one day with each of them allowed me to see their ‘wonderfulness’ without the blur lines…

Ok, it’s time to stop before I lose to many readers… and I should concentrate on posting about my laundry :-)


  1. Ben moi j'aime quand tu sors de ta buanderie .... profite a fond de ces delicieux moments....


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