I caught in a new bug

Last year I tried ceramic, pottery.  I enjoyed but I also realised that it will take a long time and a lot of practice before I can produce anything good.  I haven’t given up on the idea yet, but for the moment I haven’t found the opportunity to try again.

But, I found something else to try out: making jewels, playing with beads and wire… and NO it is not a kid’s activity, there’s some real skills into it.

I first started with a Wiring workshop, and produce this little bracelet.

Glass and wire bracelet

Then came the second workshop, Knotting.  That was fun, easy and fast… Oh so fast.  First produce a long, very long, outrageously long necklace with multifaceted beads and pearls.  Then I knotted a very simple, a bit traditional necklace (no picture, I think I’m going to redo it).

Knotted green pearls

And finally another long necklace with matching earing with some wiring (love the little loop on the earing).

Turquoise knotting

I enjoyed it so much that I could not stop at one or two workshops, I went to a third one.  This time bead weaving.  It took some practice and concentration to produce this bracelet.  There are a couple of imperfections, but I have plan to make another one.

Blossom bracelet

And you know what was the best thing about this new activity: I get to go and share this time with my friend and meet other likeminded people.  There will be more to come.