Stress induced baking…

… and other cooking activities.

Sometimes, I can’t really understand, explain why a sudden rush of stress swamps me.  I can’t find any rational reason for this.  Not everything is rosy in my life, but things are far from bad:  Alice has been offered a place in all the UK universities she applied to, Victor is making good progress and working hard toward his GCSEs, Juliette is doing well at school, especially in Mandarin, Philippe seems to be happy at work…  So why do I wake up in the middle of the night, heart racing, sweat in my neck… careful to the first person who mentions my age! :-)

Do you want to know how I deal with this? I BAKE, I COOK… I know I should probably go exercise, it might be more beneficial!

Stressfull week

Veggie Risotto (from my Red&Black homemade recipe book)

Stressfull week1

Stuffed Portobello mushrooms (seen these big mushrooms many times, I had to try and cook something with them –
I might take the time to write a recipe)

Stressfull week2

Baked cod with chorizo and tomatoes (Improvised recipe, done many version of this over time)

Stressfull week3

Coffee beans biscotti (Recipe from my R&B homemade recipes book)

Stressfull week4

Roasted tomatoes, ricotta and basil tart (Recipe from my homemade recipes book)

Stressfull week5

and for Pie day – Raspberry and poppy seeds pie (recipe from this blog: A Beautiful Mess) with soggy bottom

If or when I find the time, I might write all these recipes and share them here.  In the meantime, I’m counting the days until my big kids arrive.