Kindle reading

I got myself a Kindle for Christmas.  Not that I always wanted a Kindle, on the contrary but we travel quite a bit, books tend to be ‘heavy’, I always carry a second one just in case I finish the first one… anyway… I gave in, and got the basic version.

What I like about my Kindle:

  • very, very light,
  • long lasting battery
  • no blur, no shiny spot
  • best of all, I can download books from the Library

What did I read on it:

Blue Monday
by Nicci French

The Expats
by Chris Pavone

Shadow of a Quarter Moon
by Eileen Clymer Schwab

The Adventure of Tom Sawyer
by Mark Twain

What can I say about this list?

  • I liked Blue Monday, this is a thriller from Nicci French actually Nicci Gerrard and Sean French, well done and entertaining.  A few things are amiss: the last twist was interesting, but almost expected, only the main character, Frieda Klein did not see it coming…  there are more books in the series.  I will probably read them.
  • The Expats was OK.  I enjoyed the description of expats’ life: finding your way in a new country, coffee mornings with other expat moms, the fast making of new friends, the urgency of visiting all the places  closed to this new home… everything was so familiar except for the part where the main character is an ex-CIA… I don’t know whether this part is plausible, I’m not and were never a spy contrary to what some of my friends think.  Overall, this was enjoyable, but a bit ‘chick lit’ to my taste.
  • Now it is getting bad, very bad, very very bad.  Shadow of a Quarter Moon… I read it, not all the words, not all the pages… Initially, it looked like a book I would enjoy: set just before the Civil War, in the South, slaves escaping their condition thanks to the Underground Railroad and people risking their lives… but honestly, what a waste of time… I would also say a waste of paper, but gladly I read it on Kindle. The whole story of the privileged girl finding out that she was actually born from the love of her father and a slave does not work at all, oh and she also find out that she has a brother and she is in love with another slave…  it just does not work.
  • I am currently reading Tom Sawyer… I need to go a bit further before I get a feeling for this book.  So far, I don’t know, I have problem to get attached to Tom Sawyer, I’m not sure what to think about him yet.

All in all, I am not very pleased with my readings so far this years… Any recommendations?

A couple of more facts:

  • I miss not having the book cover on the Kindle.
  • I no longer count the pages until the end of the book, but check the percentage read.