Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bangles and B’day cake

My B’day was last week.  I’m not to good at celebrating my b’day.  But this year Philippe and the girls were around, quite an unusual treat!

Anyway, my friend rang me and said we must celebrate… and she invited me to a bead workshop… I loved the idea.

So we went to the Bead Bar.  We went with our girls, friend and mother.  We had the classroom and Sonia just for ourselves.

I really like what we produced, easy wiring technic with such an impact.

wire and stoneJuliette did this set

wire and stone1

wire and stone2

And celebrating without a cake wouldn’t feel right so I brought a cake.  Somebody once told me that it’s not right to bake one’s own B’day cake, but I have so little opportunity to bake…

The recipe comes from the White on Rice Couple blog, Rustic Red Velvet cake layered with Berries.  I’m not supposed to eat cakes, I’m allergic to eggs and I need to start to take it seriously.

Red Velvet

I did only two layers and next time, I think I will use mascarpone instead of cream cheese, I’m not a great fan of cream cheese in deserts.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Brooklyn Tweed

I need some Super Powers, right now!  Something that either will make me sew/knit/clean/cook super duper fast, or something that will stop time until I’m done with all my projects.

…and why do I need super powers?

Brooklyn Tweed – that’s the reason!

 BT Kids.

This time, it is all about kids… beautiful, trendy… I love the earthy colours… I just need a couple of kids to knit for :-).  Oh but I know somebody who lives on the other side of the planet, where winter is about to start.  I just have to cross my fingers and hope that MP will have time, read this post and make her selection.  I’m sure MP’s Bbs, who are no babies any longer, need something warm to run on the beach.

Anyway, here is my selection:

btk1   btk2   btk3   btk4   btk5   btk6   btk7

So let me activate my Super Powers, finish Alice’s cardi and start scouting yarns.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Too many projects – not enough time

When it comes to blogging, I wish I could do it every two or three days…

But I have trouble finding or making the time…
I spend oh so much time on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube…
Then there’s the problem of finding the project to blog about… should I wait until I have a finish before I speak about it…
I have many projects on the go at the same time, beading projects, knitting a cardigan, crochet doilies, finishing UFOs, dress almost done…
I’m really trying hard to finish a project before starting another one, but it is so so so tempting…

Recovered Autosave1

Here is the Instagram recap of the past few weeks:

some doilies – I’ll come back to that soon

some scrappy blocks for my fellow bees, I’m making progress, just a couple more to go

a fun block of the month for the June meeting of the OMQG – such a shame I did not win the other blocks

the Happy Quilt – I’ll come back to this one too, it is part of my UFOs challenge with the OMQG

some outfits for Alice’s leavers’ party at the beginning of July

some relaxing time together

a couple of examples of Juliette’s baking at Summer camp

a dress for myself to be finished before Alice’s party

a cardigan to be finished before Alice’s start at Uni

So all in all some progress, but no finishes yet