French holiday

Are you still around? What about a few pictures of our French holidays?

We went to my parents’ just after the Leavers’ day, and after the IB exam results (Alice has not posted anything about it, so I just want to say she did extremely well and she is now heading to LSE just in case you wanted to know).

So what did we do?

Montlucon in July1

We celebrated my Mum’s birthday, which happened to be very close to my parents’ wedding anniversary too. 
Side note for a friend of mine who once asked me why my hair was so white: now you see where it comes from.

Montlucon in July

We enjoyed some time in the garden, not so much though because the weather was not too nice.  But look at these flowers.

Montlucon in July2

More time together… our usual day tree-climbing… getting cooking inspiration from Elle à table.

Montlucon in July3

We went to visit George Sand’s home in Nohant.  Very beautiful house, with a great kitchen (no pictures :( ) and lovely garden.
Side note for my daughter: George Sand was actually a WOMAN from the XIXe Century.  She was a writer, a feminist, a patron of the art, a ‘maneater’ with quite a number of lovers, and a cook…


  1. OK,my international friend, is LSE the London School of Economics? I love reading your blog :) and seeing you with your family.

  2. These pictures of your family are so wonderful, Caroline.
    I can't wait to see more.


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