Project Big Love – a dress for Alice

Anything I stitch/knit for my kids and my close family is heavily bonded with LOVE (I can see my daughter rolling her eyes thinking that this sentence does not make sense…)  but I’m sure you understand me or at least the LOVE part.

So when Alice asked for a jersey wrap dress like the one she had years and years ago, which had been worn so much that the seams gave up, the jersey fabric got so thin…  I had no other option but to sew a new one.  And I’m so pleased she wants to wear something I made for her… plus the fact that she is promoting my blog heavily –all her friends have to follow me or she get offended…

The fabric is from Joann: heavy knit with a very nice drape, not to light, not to heavy, just perfect (and believe me it is not often that I find the ‘perfect’ dressmaking fabric at Joann).

The pattern is Butterick 5949. I find that patterns’ sizes are sometimes a bit off, so I had to make sure it will fit Alice once finished.  For the first time ever, I did a muslin of the bodice and tried on Alice before she left.  The pattern calls for lining, but I though the jersey was heavy enough to skip this step.

Blue faux wrapped dress2
Some close up details

I took my time, worked methodically on technical difficulties… and I’m quite pleased with the final product.

Blue faux wrapped dress1Juliette modeling the dress… did I mention that this one is a mad cookie?
I can’t wait to see Alice wearing it.